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Bless this mess!

Poor Brett. He's stuck cleaning up another disaster!

Poor Brett. He’s stuck cleaning up another disaster!

Excuse the mess, we’re under construction. A tornado has hit the website and Brett’s doing his best to clean it up, along with the rest of Calpernica. Erica is helping him with the technical details, as computers and gadgets just “aren’t his thing.” Not to worry, though! Clancy is taking videos of everything while Jack, Chester and JJ try to stay out of trouble (though Gracie may be stirring up a bit of her own!)

We’re building a site with recipes from Darlene’s kitchen, music that was featured in the book, and lots of fun pictures that have been captured of Calpernica residents. Meanwhile, Kim is busy slaving away on Jack’s story, which will be in Book 2: Wilde in the Heart, available in 2018.

Lots of Love,

Brett, Erica,
and the rest of Calpernica!